The business world these days is more competitive than it has ever been, and companies in all trading sectors need to do all they can to maximise their opportunities and to augment their growth. If your business isn’t reaching its full potential at the moment, our specialists can help.


McGinness Associates offer a comprehensive range of business advice services, helping you and your organisation to go from strength to strength. Our experience with our clients over the years has given us a powerful insight into the way the most successful companies work. We know what makes them tick, and we can pass on vital advice and guidance to help yours flourish as well.


Whether you’re looking for an in-depth relationship that guides you on a 24/7 basis or you’d just like the occasional helping hand, we can make it a reality. You and your company can benefit from a number of services that we provide, including:


  • Financial advice
  • Business strategies
  • Company health checks
  • Profit optimisation
  • Financial analysis
  • Business planning
  • Business acquisitions and disposals
  • Succession planning


…and many more.


From the moment you create a startup to the day you start selling your business, we can be there right beside you offering the support and guidance you need. With plenty of experience on our side, we already know that we can tailor a business advice package that will match your requirements perfectly. It’s reassuring to know that you’ll be able to make decisions armed with the best possible information.


So much more than an accountancy practice


As a fully-serviced accountancy practice, we’re already available to provide the usual services such as tax compliance, payroll, bookkeeping and business funding, but we at McGinness Associates pride ourselves on being so much more. The guiding hand we offer to our clients covers all the required aspects of running and growing a successful business.


Our honest, straightforward and easy to understand business advice can help you not only to grow, but to avoid potentially harmful pitfalls along the way. If you’re unsure about which path to take at any given time, we can help you to see the clearer, bigger picture. Armed with crucial information like this, you can then look to steer the company away from the rocks and on towards the open water.


No matter what type of business you have, you’ll want to know that you’re making the most of the opportunities that come your way. When there’s a fork in the road and you’re not sure whether to go left or right, clear, concise guidance from McGinness Associates can help you to decide.


To find out more about business advice from our knowledgeable and reliable team, call today on 0141 333 1166. We’re looking forward to having a chat with you, and to explaining why business advice from McGinness Associates can really make a difference to you and your company.

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  • "We had already claimed thousands of pounds of PPI compensation from a bank which we had loans with in the past. Despite this fact McGinness Associates rewrote to them on our behalf and we received a further £17,331.79. We honestly did not expect a single penny to come our way and were totally astonished when it did." - Jill & Alister Kerr, West Yorkshire

  • "I would thoroughly recommend the services your company provided in recovering my PPI from Santander Bank. I could have done this myself but quite frankly I didn’t need the hassle in my life. The banks treat your company with respect and returned my money with no argument, fast and efficiently. This would probably not have been the case if I had tried to do this myself." - Diane Baumann, Essex

  • "Thank you so much for all your hard work and dealing with my claims so professionally. I am very impressed with the quite determination that you have shown. I always got the feeling that considerable attention to detail was being shown throughout my claim period. I was really surprised that you managed to be so successful when other companies failed." - Frank Henderson, Edinburgh

  • "The money that McGinness associates got for me and my wife from PPI was a great help to pay off our debts and leave us some over to have a few holidays. The service from McGinness Associates was fantastic as they did everything for us and we are very grateful to them and I would recommend them to anybody." - Robert Hogg, Bearsden

  • "Hi Adam, I am emailing you to thank you so much for your help in managing to obtain the PPI funds for myself and my family. I can honestly say that this money has been life changing for us. You have been professional throughout and we are delighted that it was you who took on our claims." - William Barry, Dundee

  • "Always impressed in our dealings with McGinness Associates. Their expertise in financial services and financial claims speaks for itself. They really focus on customer service and take the time to understand their customers. A professional organisation with the added bonus of being nice people to deal with." - Stewart Park. Huthwaite